white paper from Deutsche Platform: Hybrid TV

Tables of Contents

-Overview of Internet & TV

-Web TV, IPTV and Hybrid TV

-Consumer Electronics and Networking

-Types of Hybrid TV

-Overview of the various Hybrid TV Packages

-HbbTV as a Standard: Origin, Application and Outlook

-Display and Use of Web Services on Hybrid Devices

-Business Models and Advertising Types for Hybrid TV

-Over the Top TV: Important National / International Players

-Results of Hybrid End Devices WG

-Commercial Requirements

-Content Guidelines

-Perspectives: Smart TV, the Cloud and Mobile Devices

-Workshop “From Smartphone to Smart TV: Apps conquer TV”

-Usability – Studies on Operation Concepts

-Open Questions about Hybrid TV

-Market Situation & Future Opportunities

-Device Sales, Turnover Development

-HbbTV and Audience Acceptance

-Trend Forecasts and Future Opportunities

-Glossary: Important Terms and Abbreviations


Author: C D

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